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Washing instructions

If you are going to train or start a competition, what could be nicer than putting on clean, fresh sportswear. But how do you clean your dirty, sweaty sportswear after your effort?

To give perspiration odors no chance to attach, it is best to wash your sportswear the same day.

Wash the light and dark colors separately. To protect the zipper, it is good to close it and turn the clothing inside out,

Do you also want to wash chest straps of heart rate monitors and / or bras? Then put it in a laundry bag to protect the hook fasteners.

Set the water temperature to 30⁰ C. You can wash sports underwear at max. 40⁰ C, eg with mini washing program (half hour)

Preferably use a liquid detergent (not too much). Preferably no washing powder because that does not dissolve well at low washing temperatures.

DO NOT use fabric softener! It may sound illogical because it smells so good but fabric softener damages technical fabrics and reduces the breathable / water-repellent quality of your sportswear.

Not in the dryer! The heat damages the elastic fibers. Let the sportswear "air dry". Functional sportswear dries very quickly on the washing line or possibly. on a hanger.

Good news: by far most sportswear does not need ironing.

TIP: With persistent perspiration odor. Make a paste of Biotex green powder with water and / or vinegar and let it soak in for 5 minutes, then rinse well.

MudSweatTrails Store - Washing instructions
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